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                                      Kellen Burgos

                                      the Moonlight Dance Studio








Kellen was a very serious athlete from a very young age and ended up a serious competitor in several sports. He also came from a family that had a strong connection to the latin culture with his fathers' family originally coming from Spain and Puerto Rico (Irish on his mothers side).
Kellen has many family members spanning through several generations that have been in the arts/entertainment industry (singers, dancers, artists,musicians, actors & directors). His passion for dance became a lifelong commitment and has since studied with some of the top dancers and instructors in the world.


Kellen has taught to several thousand people and done more than 400 special events including choreography for a Hollywood movie. His passion ultimately developed into a mission of bringing the joy and benefits of Social/Ballroom Dance to others.

Dance instruction and dance choreography:

- thousands of individuals/couples in group & private lessons
- thousands of wedding couples and/or wedding parties, families
- hundreds of special events (dances, wedding receptions, etc)
- fundraising events including "La Crosse Dancing with the Stars"
- several University play productions
- Hollywood movie (filmed in the area) For IMDB page: click here

Daytime business - Kellen is also the owner of B2B services & marketing agency -


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                                     Kara Burgos


                                       the Moonlight Dance Studio








Kara is the wife of owner/instructor Kellen Burgos. Through dancing and training with her husband for the last few years, Kara has developed into both an exceptional dancer and instructor.
Kara has a diverse background as a serious athlete, has an established law practice of over 20 years and is a mother of two.



Personal background: Originally hailing from New York, Kara has lived in the La Crosse area for over 20 years. Like her husband, Kara was a serious athlete growing up. Later in life, Kara became a serious distance athlete running in many Marathons (including the Boston marathon) and several Triathlons as well.

Education: Bachelor of Arts - Saint Bonaventure University, magna cum laude, 1992 Juris Doctor - Marquette University, cum laude, 1995.
Kara's law background is extensive, she is an attorney and partner at the law firm of Moen Sheehan Meyer. For more on Kara's law practice, you can go to her Website: click here

Favorite Dance Styles:  Foxtrot, Rumba, Vienes Waltz & Lindy-hop

Hobbies: Kara loves the outdoors, travel and of course, dancing with her husband.






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