Dance shoes

Dance shoes DO make a difference!


Ladies shoes - we can now offer a HUGE variety of shoes

for ladies with more than a hundred styles to choose from in

every category. We can even customize your order to color,

pattern, heel height and width!

Mens shoes - Men finally have the opportunity to purchase

shoes that are not only specifically designed to enhance your

dancing but a variety of great looking styles as well!



Question: Do dance shoes really make a difference?

Answer: Yes, they certainly can. Dance shoes are a very specific design: they're much lighter, they form to your foot and they have suede bottoms. The suede bottoms create an ideal "slide & grab" surface where your foot will slide well and grab just enough to have the control you need. The suede bottoms can also be adjusted to the surface your dancing on.






Shop from the comfort of your home
with our easy online system!

Step 1: Choosing your shoes - Look over our online supplier site VERY carefully for the shoes and/or accessories you desire (style, size, color, heel height), Simply click on the link below to view shoe selections from our supplier website.

PLEASE NOTE: To receive our STUDIO DISCOUNT, You can NOT order directly from our suppliers site, you must make your selections then email or call us with your order.

SPECIAL ORDERS - There literally hundreds of options of shoes that are in stock but, if you do decide on a pair of shoes that are a special order item, there's a $15 additional charge and takes approx. 5 weeks for delivery vs 1 week with in stock orders.

Step 2: Order shoes - using online payment buttons (below), choose the shoe(s) and/or accessories you desire, simply click on the corresponding payment button for the shoe style and quantity. Then send us an email with details on your shoe order



  • Your name

  • Your phone number

  • shoe(s) style number

  • shoe(s) size

  • shoe(s) color

  • shoe(s) heel height


Step 3: Pick up your shoes - Shoe orders will take approximately 1 week from the order date to delivery. Special orders may take 4 -6 weeks. Once your order has arrived, we will contact you so you can stop by and pick up your new shoes!


To go to our dance shoe supplier website: click here

(then come back to pay for your shoe order using the payment buttons below)


Return Policy: Shoes may be exchanged if deffective or fit improperly within the first 21 days. Shoes may not show visible wear, in particular soles of the shoes from outside wear. Dance shoes are designed for indoor use so we strongly urge you to tryout your shoes indoors & look them over carefully.

Feel free to contact us with any questions related to shoes & ordering!

Kellen Burgos - Director/Instructor of the Moonlight Dance Studio

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