Group Classes & Private Lessons

March Sessions 2020

Tuesday - Group Classes

7:00pm Tuesdays:

Swing & Foxtrot

Two of the most fun and versatile American styles (beginners)


Starts March 17th at 7:00pm

(runs 4 weeks)

Thursday - Group Classes

7:00pm Thursdays:
Salsa & Cha-cha
The two most fun & versatile
Latin styles (beginners)

Starts March 19th - at 7:00pm   
(runs 4 weeks)


Private Lessons

Why do private lessons make sense for some people?


  • Schedule conflicts: Some people have schedules that just don't work out for our regular group classes so private lessons are a great option.

  • Comfort zone: Private lessons can be a great option for people to get started with lessons and get comfortable before joining group classes.

  • For weddings: More than ever people are choosing dance lessons over the "rock back and forth wedding dance." We cover everything related to bride & groom preparation, family members, wedding parties or even if you just want to be able to dance at upcoming weddings!


Discounted when you sign up for 2 or more lessons!


Once you've registered, contact us for available times and scheduling at:


PLEASE NOTE: intermediate/advanced classes are taught on a private lesson basis only. To give proper individual attention to these techniques/combinations, we've found private lessons to be much more effective.

Other helpful links:

Overview of dance styles:

Get a detailed overview of all 12 dance styles

offered at our studio: click here







Video lesson reviews-coming soon!





NEW! Downloadable practice music.

Now you can pull up some great dance tunes 24/7!

All music is categorized by dance style: click here







Dance shoes - Get up to 50% off!

Do dance shoes make a difference? There is a very distinct difference & secret as to why people notice such a difference with dance shoes: click here

Currently teaching private lessons only

Currently teaching private lessons only

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