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Question: What should I wear to dance lessons?

Answer: For the most part, it's best to dress comfortably, very important point can be what shoes you wear. It's probably best to wear shoes that you would actually go out dancing in especially if it's for a special event like a wedding. For the ladies, heel height can be an definite consideration. If you get used to dancing with the same partner, change of heel height may throw you off a bit with some techniques. The guys will want to make sure their shoes slide well or more importantly, don't stick to the floor. Some people do like to make dance lessons their night out, and actually dress up a bit, but comfort should come first.

Question: How long do classes run typically?

Answer: Our regular classes run in a format of one month (4 week) sessions which is 1 class per week. Running time for classes is approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour and pretty low impact. Workshops and Special events may run differently.

Question: What can I expect in a typical dance class, how are they set up?

Answer: After a brief intro in the first class, we focus on the basic patterns of each style of the session along with basic overall technique. Each week following, we review and add as we go along on each of the styles. Keep in mind these are beginner classes, so we're not doing anything extreme or exhausting at all. The main idea is to get you an excellent foundation, so you look good and feel confident when you go out dancing and YOU WILL...WE GUARANTEE IT! Just by taking your first session of dance you'll have a leg up on 98% of the population.

Question: What if I don't have a partner, can I still take classes?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! We understand that everybody doesn't always have a partner available to take lessons, and that's not a problem. As instructors we simply work with those who come to class solo and sometimes even find others within the class to work with. We have a few people just about every session that come solo. You'll see the "individual" fee on the lesson registration page.

Question: My partner is apprehensive about lessons, what should I do?

Answer: Needless to say, this is one that comes up a lot, and the answer is really quite simple: if you take the approach "give it a try" for the first lesson, or whatever method you feel may be the best to just get them to that first class. In other words, our motto is..."just get 'em there and we'll take care of the rest." TRUST US, we've taught to literally thousands of people for almost three decades and we're very confident we can get them on the right track once they're in class. Often times the people that are the most apprehensive end up enjoying themselves the most. Once they see that everyone is in the same boat and it's OK, they loosen up and it becomes a bit of a liberating experience for them.

Question: If I miss a lesson is there a way I can make it up?

Answer: Yes, it has always been our policy that if anyone misses a class they can make it up in a future session of the same class. We understand busy schedules and schedule conflicts so as long as someone lets us know, it's not a problem.

Question: Which are more difficult, Latin or American dance styles?

Answer: Neither really. Of course that can vary from one person to the next but there really isn't a very notable difference in the degree of difficulty from one style to the next when it comes to the basics. There are a couple that we do consider the easier to learn styles: they are Merenge in the Latin styles and Foxtrot in the American styles.

Question: Do you teach private lessons?

Answer: Yes, we do. Keep in mind private lessons are going to cost more because of the specialized individual attention and use of space. The advantage of private lessons is, you learn at an accelerated rate. The cost is $45 per lesson for private lessons (same for couple or individual).

Question: Do "dance shoes" really make a difference?

Answer: Yes, they certainly can. Dance shoes are of a very specific design. They're much lighter, they form to your feet, and they have suede bottoms. The suede bottoms in particular create an ideal "slide & grab" surface where your foot will slide well and grab just enough to have the control you need. The suede bottoms can also be adjusted to the surface your dancing on. For more details go to the "dance shoes" menu link.

Question: Where did the name Moonlight Dance Studio come from?

Answer: I have been a  business owner for over 25 years and at the same time had been "Moonlighting" as a dance instructor (now a full scale studio). It's also a reference to the romantic idea of dancing in the moonlight.

Question: What type of background or dance training do you have?

Answer: As you'll see in our brief bio in the "About Us" section, I had a little bit of experience at very young age and at the time, dance instructors were in huge demand. I was offered a teaching position and went to work putting in countless hours of practice. At that time it was the first big resurgence of partner dancing and several instructors would get together every week and exchange techniques and practice. I've come a long way since then and once I decided to open my own studio (1990), I went to workshops and learned from many of the top dancers/instructors in the world (workshops in Minneapolis and Las Vegas). I've studied thousands of hours of training tapes from the same world champion instructors. I had also competed very successfully in several amateur dance contests. Throughout the years I have tailored instruction methods to combine the best of the best, and to the area. With the main focus being on social dance for fun rather than competition. I've estimated teaching to well over 8000 people and done more than 500 special events to date, including choreography for a Hollywood Movie.





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