School Dance Program




Middle Schools & High Schools

Designed to teach, develop
and promote the following:


  • Confidence and respect

  • Focus and self-discipline

  • Improved motor skills

  • Improved social skills​

  • Good, clean, fun activity

  • Performance opportunities



Colleges and Universities


Our College - University dance workshops           
have been a big hit for more than 20 years!














Pictured above at a Viterbo University Workshop


  • FUN social activity (especially for new students)

  • Excellent stress reliever from regular class structure

  • Great way of getting some exercise & entertainment


Providence Academy – Phy Ed. Classes

"Kellen comes out each year to Providence Academy to teach 4-6 sessions of ballroom dance before our spring cotillion. He taught a wide variety of dances, from Tango, Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Swing and more. We had 9th-12th grade students, so the variety of skill level was pretty expansive.  He did an incredible job of meeting each student where they were at, and brought them to a proficient level. He knows how to read student engagement, which helps keep the class moving & keeps the students focused on what they are doing. He demands attention with his presence, and the students naturally follow his lead. He has a keen eye for mistakes that are being made, as well as when students need one on one instruction. He is very considerate of what school policies are, and he is very respectful of the students. The pricing was affordable and I would HIGHLY recommend the Moonlight Dance Studio to come teach at your school! Be ready to dance and learn right along with the students!"

Sarah Leider – Phy. Ed


Westby High School – Spanish classes

"Kellen Burgos and his wife (Kara), owners of Moonlight Dance Studio, came to my Spanish classes and we had a great time dancing Salsa and Merengue. All my students absolutely loved their experience and they can't wait to have this wonderful couple back! Kellen and his wife were very professional, enthusiastic, and excellent dancers"!

Jeanette Fox – Spanish teacher

Schools we have worked with throughout the years:

High Schools:


  • Aquinas High School

  • Central High School

  • Westby High School

  • Providence Academy






  • UWL - La Crosse

  • St. Mary's University

  • Viterbo University


Viterbo University – Campus Activities Program

"The Moonlight Dance Studio’s dance lessons were a hit for our students! Students were able to learn the basics and practice new styles in a comfortable, fun setting. The instructors were very easy to work with and accommodating to the group and even brought their own music. It was such a great program for us, and we’ll definitely bring them back!"

"Thanks, Kellen. Again, we enjoyed having you at Viterbo!"

Kasie Von Haden - Director, Campus Activities

Our workshop format offers 2 options:

1) Dance workshop series - The Moonlight Dance Studio offers 3 to 6 week on location sessions for regular class sizes, typically under 30 students (45 - 60 min. each).

2) One time dance workshop - available for Larger groups (1 - 1.5 hrs).

For complete details (including pricing), contact us anytime:

The Moonlight Dance Studio
2839 Darling Rd, La Crosse, WI  (near Valley View Mall)

Kellen Burgos - Director/Instructor
Phone: (608)304-8995

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