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The Evolution of Movie Dance (100 Greatest Scenes 1921 - 2010)

This is one of our favorites starting with Rudolf Valintino doing his famous tango scene in 1921 and spanning through the decades displaying some of the most memorable dance scenes with some of the most beloved dancers of all time. From Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelley to John Travolta of Saturday Night Fever fame and the very best musical and animated dance scenes of all time - ENJOY!


Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell were two of the greatest dancers of all time and only appeared in a couple movies together. Eleanor Powell cut her career short and decided to focus on raising her family, as they did in those days. But, make no mistake, Eleanor Powell starred in several movies herself and was really the only one who could match the great Fred Astaire step-for-step as evidenced in this classic dance scene.

This week featuring: Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell in the movie "Begin the Beguine"

"So you think you can dance"

The top 20 dance routines of all time:

Some of the greatest young dancers in the world are showcased in this annual competion which includes a few you might reconize (now regulars on DTWS).

These are partial routines but truly some of the greatest dancing and choreography you will ever see -ENJOY!

Top 10 unexpected dance scenes in movies.

Both classic and often HILARIOUS - ENJOY

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